World War XTZ is developed by a father-son team, Lex and Jet Dreitser. Inspired by popular games like Fortnite, they decided to create World War XTZ - where players get to keep and trade their collectibles on the Tezos blockchain.

As an experienced game developer, university educator, and author - Lex is a proponent of empowering education and community. A gamer at heart, Lex works to make the creation of interactive entertainment fun and accessible for all skill sets!

Jet is a young game designer and streamer. He's inspired by the developer journey of streamers like Dani - that created the indie hit Muck. While enjoying games such as Fortnite, Jet wishes he was not confined by their ecosystem - selling, gifting and trading in-game collectibles is the inspiration for WWXTZ.

World War XTZ's main character is modeled after an older Jet. Being the central character gives Jet unique input into the story arc and new skin releases.